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Thirty years ago, in an accident, I had my spinal cord injury from the neck

Due to my height and severe disability, I have to use furnished electric wheelchairs

But these wheelchairs have two big annoying problemsFirst. Limitation of traffic due to

empty battery charge after traveling a short distance

Second. Not being portable with a normal car

      The great wish of all disabled people in the whole world is to have a wheelchair that

It can travel 500 kilometers at an acceptable speed without restrictions, and the important thing is that it can enter all public places without restrictions

Due to the need, I have thought about this device for many years and I have the plan for its production in my head

But I don’t have enough technical and engineering facilities and budget to complete this global project

The device that is in my mind

   It is a comfortable car on the road

A furnished electric wheelchair is convenient in public places

  .There is no distance limit

All its components have been produced and are now being used by the public

This device is a wheelchair and a one-person car, everywhere, cheap, usable for all the comfortable people in the world

I will be very happy if companies want to examine my design and idea for production by their managers and engineers.

Therefore, if you are interested in this project, contact me for detailed. explanationswith all respect

Translated from Persian by Google translator

Soldier with spinal cord amputation: Mehrdad Zandi, 52 years old, from Tehran, Iran

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